A few words

For the purposes of giving you a good idea of who I am, I will throw all caution to the wind and be completely honest: I am a flawed primate who is trying to become a decent human being.

You see, the life we live in western capitalist societies makes it too easy to be driven by the wrong goals, aspirations and dreams. It requires fighting one's preconceived notions, ignorance and arrogance every day to raise to the height, which is required by our human dignity and intelligence. 

I am what one would call a Third Culture kid as I was born in Iran and grew up in Germany. That said I neither feel Iranian nor German and am happy to call myself a cosmopolitan. This comes with the side effect that I don't know where home is, which so far has been helping me to be less tied down and explore different places.  I like the world's diversity and need to be surrounded by it to thrive. 

Technology and science are things I am passionate about as I think they will be saving our civilization from its premature demise, even though they might also be perpetuating it. Nevertheless, the time to fantasize about romantic pre-industrial living is over and we have to think boldly about radical changes that will have to occur in our life time to make this whole thing work - and by that I mean the survival of mankind.

I am a humanist, which means I believe in doing good for other human beings, because it's the right thing to do not because I will be rewarded with karma points or some sort of fun afterlife. As a matter of fact, I'm terribly annoyed with all the egocentricism our societies tempt us to adopt. We are by nature empathetic but need to nurture this virtue.

My friends would consider me a polymath as I love to learn something about everything. I think it's the most worthwhile pursuit to dedicate ones life to learning and research. I have five macro goals in life: be the best father, be the best husband, be the best friend, maximize positive impact, minimize negative impact. These are goals within my control and are purposefully not materialistic. Of course, being the "best" in something is quite subjective so is minimizing/maximizing negative/positive impact but that's OK. I tend to hold myself to unattainable moral standards so I don't fear to underwhelm anyone.

Most importantly, I am just like everyone else here to make sense of the cosmic accident we call life and all the joys that come with it. If I sound like an interesting person to you, feel free to reach out and let's connect.