Smart Ride Platform - The all-in-one on demand shared mobility solution

We offer an end to end product to replace, supplement, or expand an existing transport offering with a more flexible on demand solution. The Smart Ride platform is vehicle agnostic and can serve to run responsive cabs, mini-vans or buses depending on your particular use case.

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Citymapper App

An award winning multi modal transport app, with a deep feature set used by millions of commuters around the globe. Routing algorithms that combine all modes. Seamless in app payments. 

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Smart Algorithms

Our supply algorithms intelligently dispatch vehicles on your network to guarantee the best wait times. Our demand algorithms intelligently match the incoming demand to ensure high vehicle utilisation and route the vehicle accordingly.

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Sim City

A transport network planning and analysis tool. With our existing knowledge of demand patterns in cities Sim City helps visualising and designing a compelling transport offering.

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Driver App

An easy to use App that is built from the ground up for shared mobility in mind. Clear instructions make it safe and easy for the driver to provide a good experience to your customers.

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Smart View

A dispatch tool which visualises vehicle position, routing and availability as well as the passenger demand and allocation.

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We ran a TfL licensed successful night bus service in London by attracting customers through the Citymapper app. The gap in the network that we filled with this route was discovered and designed by using the power of Sim City. Both Smart View and the Driver app allowed for smooth operation of this service.

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We are running a fleet of TfL licensed mini-vans on a network that we designed with Sim City. Our users seamlessly book through the multi-modal app. Our Smart Algorithms are maximising the utilisation of our fleet while minimising the wait times for our customers.